Did You See This Hilarious Quarantine Makeup Challenge? Plus A Famous Travel Writer Finds Happiness At Home!

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The tiny face makeup challenge gives us a reason to look good in quarantine!

Jaime French put her own amazing spin on the tiny face challenge and shared some tips for how to make it look like you’re doing just fine on those endless quarantine video calls.

"So if you don't want your boss to know that you had two bottles of wine the night before, just, you know, pop a little brightness on there," French said. “We just gotta make sure the rest of us matches so, you know, brush your hair. Your boss doesn't need to know that your hair is greasy.”

Rick Steves is missing traveling, but he’s still finding happiness at home

The travel writer joined Did You See This? to share the trips he’s most looking forward to after quarantine and what he thinks the future of travel will look like after the pandemic.

“I want to go into an Irish pub, where they say strangers are just friends who have yet to meet, and I'm gonna make a lot of friends,” Steves said of his plans after quarantine. “You know, the world's a small place. And in time, if we work together, if we believe in science and care about each other, we'll be able to travel and celebrate this planet and all of the beautiful people in it.”

Would you eat more french fries to help your country?

That’s what Belgium is asking its citizens to combat a potato surplus due to closed restaurants and canceled large events.

“Wait, do you guys know like in the Hunger Games when Katniss Everdeen says, 'I volunteer,'” comedian Charlie Bardey asked. “That’s how I feel about this story...at your service.”

Nicolas Cage landed the role he was born to play!

Yet another Tiger King series is coming soon, and this one has the actor known for his over-the-top performances stepping into the role of Joe Exotic!

“This is Nicolas Cage’s TV debut,” comedian Michael Cruz Kayne said. “That’s crazy. I thought he’s been in everything, but maybe that’s because he’s in my dreams so much.”

This TikTok makeup artist is re-creating your favorite characters!

Lucy Cook is a self-taught makeup artist racking up tens of millions of views on her seriously impressive interpretations of iconic looks from movies and shows, including Elsa, Joe Exotic, and more!

“I can’t do makeup to save my life,” comedian Monroe Martin joked. “I would have people out here looking like their worst nightmare.”

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