Did You See This: Cardi B’s Congressional Dreams! Plus, Issa Rae’s Oscars Shade

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Would you vote for Cardi B? The rapper says she may run for office one day! Plus, we got our hopes up over some Britney Spears rumors and now our dreams are crushed.

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Congresswoman B? Cardi B opens up about her political dreams

Forget about Kanye 2024, Cardi B is the latest celeb to express an interest in running for office, and Senator Bernie Sanders says she'd be "great."

“Honestly, Cardi can totally do it,” comedian Charlie Bardey told the group chat. “She turned being a reality TV star into being a rap superstar. She can totally do rap superstar into a political career.”

Netflix’s You is already confirmed for a third season!

Fans of Netflix’s You have already binged the newly released second season and are ready for the next one! Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are confirmed to return to the creepy stalker drama for a third season in 2021.

“Y’all are obsessed with all these good looking serial killers,” comedian Monroe Martin joked. “Y’all ain't gonna know what’s bad for you until it’s strangling you in the shower!”

Issa Rae shades the Academy over Oscar noms...

Plenty of movie fans were frustrated with the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees, but no one summed it up quite as succinctly as Issa Rae.

After announcing the second straight year of all-male Best Director nominees, Rae grabbed everyone’s attention by offering her congratulations to “those men.”

“Honestly, after Oscars so white and now BAFTA so white, I’m really off of these awards seasons,” BuzzFeed writer Jamé Jackson said. “I think I’ll create my own awards show. Submit your nominations.”

Our dreams of a Britney Spears art show are crushed!

Sorry to crush your dreams, but the rumored Britney Spears art gallery show is not happening. The pop icon’s publicist has denied any connection to the showing of one of her paintings in France, and Britney won’t be involved at all in the exhibit.

“If Britney Spears can find people who are willing to pay money for her 7th grade-looking paints, then I applaud her,” comedian Devon Walker told the chat. “Go get your dollars Britney! Make your money!”

Lizzo’s message to the haters!

After Jillian Michaels commented on her body, Lizzo shared an inspiring message on Instagram about deserving to be happy — and an NSFW message to the haters.

“It seems like a lot of people keep focusing on Lizzo’s body and all Lizzo is doing is just being comfortable in her own skin, which inspires so many people, so I think the best thing that we can all do is just be more like Lizzo,” comedian Drexton Clemons told the chat.

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