Did You See These Incredible Pen Portraits? Plus, A 7-Year-Old Saved His Babysitter’s Prom.

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No, these portraits aren’t photos...

They might look like the work of a camera, but artist Patrick Onyekwere makes these stunning portraits with just a ballpoint pen.

“I wanted to try to use my art to speak for people who can't speak for themselves,” he explained.

This 7-year-old stepped up when his babysitter’s prom was canceled!

Curtis made sure the night was unforgettable, with a socially distanced backyard dinner and dancing.

“Well, everybody has to have some fun in the coronavirus,” he explained. “And I knew it would make her smile!”

This home fashion show has an important message about body positivity

Nick Laughlin’s “Quarantine Couture” runway show encourages everyone to participate from home with whatever they have available to them!

“I am a full-figured man with a beard, walking around in silly dresses and hats,” Laughlin explained. “And that quality about me has inspired so many other people to be more comfortable in their bodies, to wear whatever they want.”

You can make this deliciously spicy pasta dish at home!

Kanchan Koya took another crack at our pantry cooking challenge and whipped up a meal that you can make with scallions, broccoli, chili paste, red curry paste, spaghetti, and a few kitchen staples.

“I’m craving kinda Thai food, but also Italian food,” she explained. “So I’m just combining what I’ve got to create this perfect kinda pad Thai, pasta fusion.”

These sweet potato pies help grieving communities heal

Rose McGee started her Sweet Potato Comfort Pie project after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014. Since then, she and her volunteers have served pies all across the country.

“I tell people all the time I just think it was the Lord speaking to me and I responded,” McGee explained. “Go and take some pies down.”

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