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Twitter: The Console War Is A Sad Stalemate

Further proof the "console war" is currently a tepid pillowfight.

Posted on February 5, 2014, at 11:12 a.m. ET

The ongoing "console war" between Xbox One and Playstation 4 is so far a pillow fight between two presently toothless expensive products with no worthwhile original software. Despite alternate pre-release predictions of dominance for one (a multimedia extravaganza!) or the other (the true gamer's device!), and despite a current lead in total sales for PS4, the two boxes are for now "locked" in a struggle that is basically theoretical, neither possessing a single game to take a meaningful advantage.

Need proof? How about this graph measuring share of Twitter mentions between the two consoles from shortly before the Christmas rush until yesterday:


Built by the digital agency Fractl, this graph reflects data from Twitter's API and reveals a public that can't really decide on which console to talk about about, especially post-Christmas. Some days: Xbox! Some days: Playstation! Neither device has generated nearly enough enthusiasm nor controversy to dominate online conversation.

Here's the hourly breakdown, which you can zoom in on:


So when is the balance in this Lilliputian "struggle" going to tip? Microsoft would have you believe on March 11, when Respawn finally puts out its giant robot thing, Titanfall. But a week later, Sony drops its first big exclusive, Infamous: Second Son. So, the stalemate may continue, albeit between two antagonists with actual, you know, weapons.

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