Trevor From "Grand Theft Auto 5" Is THE Breakout #Menswear Star Of 2013

And here's proof.

Meet Trevor, the best-dressed man of 2013.

He has a lot of looks, and they are all fucking killer. #camolife

He can do chambray at sunset.

He can pull off workwear and a beanie.

He can stunt on colored Wayfarers without looking like a teenager at an EDM show.

But he can also dress for that EDM show.

He also knows that sometimes the best look is a plain white tee to show off your ink.

He knows that all black everything (hoodie, tee, chopper) is unfuckwithable.

And that a snapback with a blazer is just a crushing look right now.

Plus, he's not afraid to make a major statement.

He's got the vintage polo game on smash.

And he fucks with a shearling collar and a muscle car.

He also knows that nothing is a better accessory than the beach. #montauk #surfsaturdays

Like all fashion icons, Trevor takes his fair share of shit from his friends, who call him a hipster.

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But you do you, homeboy. You do you.

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