This "Breaking Bad" Computer Game Lets You Shoot Walter White

Again and again and again.

Si Digital is a British web design firm. They have, for fun, made a browser game in which you can shoot Walter White, poking his head out from behind his barrels of money. If you have unresolved feelings towards Walt, Bryan Cranston, or your bald father, this is finally your chance:

We're all big Breaking Bad fans, so we thought why not pay our own small tribute to the show by releasing a mini shooter game. The idea came after our designer illustrated Walter White for fun and we wondered how this could be brought to life. After watching the huge build up to the final episode, we got all inspired by the DEA's pursuit of Heisenberg, the footage of the original cook scene that Jesse and Walt used and coincidentally, the place Walt buried the barrels. This game lets you rapid fire at multiple Heisenbergs, y'know - because we can.