Someone Inside Congress Edited A Wikipedia Article About #Gamergate's "Cultural Marxism"

Your tax dollars at work!

Congress-edits is a Twitter bot that posts all edits made to Wikipedia from the IP address associated with the United States House of Representatives. Today, it announced one very strange edit:

Kotaku Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives

Kotaku is the popular game-news and culture arm of Gawker Media and has recently been embroiled in the toxic #gamergate movement of aggrieved and confused white nerds. The edit, which cites two Breitbart articles, is as follows: "In 2014, Kotaku was exposed as being part of a vast conspiracy to promote Cultural Marxism through video games."

That's right. Someone, perhaps a Congressman but also perhaps just some teenager using wireless within the Capitol but mostly likely a beleaguered staffer, has taken a rooting interest in the outcome of a culture war started over a text-based indie game called Depression Quest. Politics!

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