Radiooooo Lets You Browse Popular Music Across Time And Space

From bossa nova to big band, if it was on the radio, it's here.

Radiooooo is a brand new site with a terrific little concept: Click on a year, in decade increments from 1900 to present day, and click on a country anywhere in the world, and the site serves you a popular song from that time and place. It started as an Indiegogo project nearly a year ago.

So if you click on 1920 and "United States", you might get a 17-piece big band; if you click on "1960" and "Brazil" you might get bossa nova; if you click on "Now" and "Canada", you might get Arcade Fire. Or Justin Bieber :-(.

It's quick and incredibly easy way to experience music as both a global and a temporal phenomenon. I'm typing this up listening to some gorgeous Malian blues by the Touareg singer Abdallah Oumbadougou, an artist I would never have discovered otherwise.

This is a great project that is worth your time on this slow, sleepy Thursday afternoon. Give it a listen.

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