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Meet The Man Who Truly Believes He Is A Video Game Character

Tsvetan Hristov or Kratos, God of War? You decide.

Posted on August 7, 2013, at 5:19 p.m. ET

This is Tsvetan Hristov. He is from Bulgaria.

This is Kratos. He is from ancient Sparta. He is the hero of the God of War games.

It turns out that Tsvetan Hristov looks sort of like Kratos!

He looks so much like Kratos that back in 2009 he and some fans of the game started "The Real Kratos Project".

The purpose of the project, according to Tsvetan, is to "bring Kratos to life."


So far, bringing Kratos to life has involved mostly dress up! But dress up is fun.

But now, now! The Real Kratos Project is Kickstarting a special film project, called The Real Kratos - Epic Action Film!

Its target is $295,000. It currently has $209, with 16 days to go. But the real Kratos has survived far longer odds! So go check out the Kickstarter.

Help Tsvetan Hristov, errr, Kratos, achieve his dreams!