BubbleBall Is The Sport Of The Future

Football is dangerous, baseball is boring, and soccer isn't coming back for four years. Introducing your new favorite pastime.

These are BubbleBalls.

You need them to play BubbleBall, the sport of the future.

The first step: Get in the BubbleBall.

You may need some help.

If you're really tall, you may need to go down on your knees.

OK, you're strapped in! Show some enthusiasm.

BubbleBall is 5-v-5 soccer, in BubbleBalls. And, it's FULL CONTACT!!!!

(Did we mention it's full contact?)

Defense is important. You gotta play defense.

Defense requires the heart of a lion.

The most important thing in BubbleBall, though, is to SCORE ! ! !

You should know that BubbleBall isn't all fun and games. It's hard work! And it can be confusing.

You might get turned upside down.

Like, stuck, upside down.

Best thing to do in these situations? Take a rest.

You can even use your BubbleBall as a cushion!

Take it easy — you've been through a lot.

Yes, BubbleBall is tiring. But guess what?

You won't regret it. Why?

Because in those moments you played the sport of the future, you were...A CHAMPION.

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