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8 Ways Xbox One Fans Are Coping With The Hatred Of The Internet

Anger, love, laughter, and snobbery. These are the coping mechanisms of the new console war.

Posted on June 12, 2013, at 1:29 p.m. ET

It's tough out there for an Xbox One fan.

A series of unpopular decisions by Microsoft—daily connectivity requirements, huge restrictions on used games, and a focus on multimedia over games—has unleashed a wave of gamer hatred unseen since the dark days of the console wars.

Yet lost in the din are a few lonely voices, supporters of the console the internet loves to hate. Yes, there are Xbox One fans holed up in subreddits and fan forums, and they have devised a few strategies for dealing with the scorn of the web.

1. The "Support Group"

"Thank You r/xboxone

Afters days of dealing with my friends and the internet trash the X1 you gives me faith. I now believe even with the jumpers we will have a great console generation. A community of great players just like in the hay day of halo 2. I'm looking forward to it. If you are in inclined to add me my gamertag is Mariusthemigty Thanks again"

2. The "Gallows Humorist"


3. The "Musicians on the Titanic"

"Made my decision!

"I'm not abandoning this ship! Xbox one for me all the way! I preordered from Microsoft sinse all the gamestops around me, and toys r us, and best buys were all sold out.

Thanks guys!"

4. The "I've had it just about up to here!"

"I'm getting fucking tired of this shit. (Pro Microsoft Post)(NSFW)

I'm starting to lose all faith in fans of Xbox. It seems like whatever Microsoft does, nobody is happy with any of it.

When Sony had their big debut, everyone was shitting on them for not showing hardware. Then Microsoft has their reveal and the first thing they do is show the console. Still nobody was happy with Xbox's reveal because they didn't show enough games, even though they specifically said you'll see tons of games in a couple weeks at E3.

Why don't you shut up and wait.

People are also ignoring some of the good things they're doing, like being able to share your games throughout your entire family, and sharing gold with your entire family. Also they're giving us 2 free games a month, to show their commitment towards Xbox360 still. I also heard a lot of complaints from people in other countries other than America about how they can't use Netflix, or NFL, or some of the other media apps on the Xbox One. If you can't use them, than nothing has changed for you. This changes nothing."

5. The "I'm not insecure. You're insecure!"

"I think classic mob mentality is ruling out too many options on the xbox one. I'm not sure why people are so threatened by having extra capabilities along with their gaming console."

6. The "Ironist"

7. The "Sucks you're poor."

"Basically the ps4 is the cheaper, downgraded version of the xbox one. Ps4 is for gamers that don't have Internet and as much money as xbox gamers.

Since I have Internet and I can afford to buy a console for an extra $100 I will buy the xbox one. Plus did you see all the xbox one exclusive titles? They are epic

. And why are people complaining about xbox one having to be always online? It's funny cuz they are complaining ON the Internet."

8. The "The Normies are on our side."

"It's a called vocal minority. I have three gaming friends at work. All three of them plus myself are getting XB1's. And that was even after Sony's press conference AND the XB1 reveal.

None of them post on forums or comment on Facebook articles. To most regular non-forumgoing gamers, the DRM and check-in is pretty much no big deal."