This Newspaper Celebrated A Soccer Team's "White Supremacy" And Boy, Was That Bad Timing

Yes, their uniforms are white but c'mon.

Soccer club Real Madrid were crowned champions of the Spanish Super Cup at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on Tuesday, and good for them!

Mexican newspaper Reforma chose this as its headline to celebrate it, though, which...not great.

But you know, given the whole "white supremacists marched in Charlottesville on Saturday and one anti-racist protester was killed" thing...not a great look.

So when the Reforma sports section went with this headline, people were not pleased.

Veo que el reforma cancha ha fichado al tipo que hacia los encabezados en el metro

"I see that Reforma has hired the guy who writes the headlines for Metro," one person tweeted, referring to another local paper with terrible taste in puns.

People are enraged, and with good reason.

Irresponsable portada de @reformacancha, haciendo eco a términos extremistas de odio. En serio, NO es gracioso😡

"Irresponsible Reforma cover, echoing terms of extremists of hate. Seriously, it is not funny."

Twitter is having a hard time grasping the paper's lack of sensitivity.

¡MI MARIACHI! Es real. Es del Reforma Cancha.

Others are even questioning whether the newspaper agrees with some of the racists marching in Charlottesville.

Está es la verdadera mentalidad del @Reforma @reformacancha, racista? #kkk o cometieron un error lamentable?

"Is this the true mentality of the @Reforma @reformacancha, racist? #kkk or they made a pitiful mistake?"

But some people defended the paper for trying to make a joke, even if it fell flat.

Les ruego que no nos enojemos con Reforma Cancha por una cabeza que sólo intentó ser graciosa. Nosotros no somos Los Buenos, les recuerdo.

"I would ask that we do not get angry with Reforma for a headline that only tried to be funny. We are not perfect, let me remind you."

And then there were the fans who just effing loved the cover.

Esta es la única SUPREMACIA BLANCA en todo el puto mundo !#HalaMadrid

"This is the only white SUPREMACY in the fucking world! #HalaMadrid "

supremacía blanca lol si fue intencional o no me vale madre pero sí que fue inoportuno y por eso fue gracioso 🙈😄

"White supremacists lol, if it was intentional or not, me idgaf but that was inappropriate and that's why it was funny 🙈😄"

But it's worth asking ourselves: Was now really the best time for that joke?

No puedo creer que sean tan pendejos, irresponsables e insensibles. La situación horrible y ustedes salen con este…

"I cannot believe they're such assholes, irresponsible and insensitive. The situation is horrible and you guys come out with this headline?! @reformacancha"

You'd think that somewhere along the line, someone would have seen this headline and thought "...Maybe not."

- Jefe, pero lo que está pasando en EEUU... - No somos la sección de política. - ... No creo que sea buena idea...…

"- Boss, but what's happening in the USA...

- We're not the politics section.

- ... I do not think that's a good idea ...

- White Supremacy, I said"

Reforma did not respond to a BuzzFeed Mexico request for comment.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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