10 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To Obama's 2012 Victory

From dishing to the "Latina Oprah," to nixing a Pawlenty/bin Laden joke on the eve of the terrorist's assassination, here are some of the juiciest tidbits in my new book, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies.

1. Obama killed a Tim Pawlenty/bin Laden joke in his White House Correspondents Dinner speech.

2. Romney ran a Mad Men campaign.

3. Applicants had to go through an insanely rigorous process to get on Obama's big data team.

4. Michelle Obama dished to the "Latina Oprah" — telling her in an unaired segment that she was through having kids.

5. Obama had a socially conscious bartender on his side.

6. Obama got lucky on the margin of error in the monthly jobs report.

7. Obama cold-cocked Romney on Benghazi.

8. Al Sharpton helped make voter suppression a civil rights issue and drive up African-American turnout.

9. Chicago mastered Facebook.

10. Obama crushed Romney on the ground.

Jonathan Alter's book on the 2012 election, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies, goes on sale June 4.

Alter is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book on President Obama The Promise: President Obama, Year One (2010). He has written a column for Bloomberg View since 2011, and was previously a senior editor and columnist at Newsweek.

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