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Democrats Slam Republicans Over Opposition To The Violence Against Women Act

As top Republican begins rebranding push, Democrats look to keep focus on opposition to Violence Against Women Act.

Posted on February 5, 2013, at 8:42 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON — House Democrats Tuesday released a new web ad attacking House Majority Leader Eric Cantor over the GOP's resistance to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act last year.

The ad was timed to coincide with a major policy speech Cantor was scheduled to give at the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday afternoon outlining his vision for party's coming legislative agenda.

VAWA lapsed over two years ago, and Congress has thus far been unable to pass a reauthorization of the popular legislation.

Although Senate Republicans have backed it, House Republicans have balked over inclusion of language protecting transgendered women and undocumented workers and special provisions to protect Native American women.

Although Cantor still backs an emphasis on fiscal issues, his speech is designed to try to steer the party into tackling other "softer" areas that Republicans have a well-established position but haven't focused on in recent years.

Democrats have had success in casting Republicans as being solely focused on cutting spending and implementing conservative priorities, and the Tuesday ad is clearly aimed at blunting Cantor's push to soften the GOP's appearance.

"No matter how much the Tea Party House Republicans try to rebrand their party, the fact remains: They are still the party that is blocking funding to prevent domestic violence," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Emily Bittner. "No sales job can change the truth, that Tea Party House Republicans will relentlessly pursue their war on women."

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