Congressman Urges House Members To "Grab Free Donuts And Coffee Before Obama Grabs Your Gun!"

Ted Nugent's favorite lawmaker, Rep. Steve Stockman, produces best email subject line of the week.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Steve Stockman is urging his colleagues to "Grab free donuts and coffee before Obama grabs your gun!" when they attend a breakfast briefing with gun rights activists.

Stockman's whimsical headline came in a "dear colleague" letter to other members of the House in support of a Gun Owners of America event on Capitol Hill. The meeting is designed to discuss the dangers of gun-free school zones.

According to the "e-Dear Colleague" — which is, in fact, a thing — guests include "Rob Young, school shooting victim and pro-gun cop [and] Larry Parry, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, debunked Piers Morgan."

The letter isn't the first time Stockman, a conservative lawmaker from Texas, has demonstrated a flair for the dramatic: earlier this month he invited rocker Ted Nugent — who famously threatened violence last year if President Obama was reelected — to be his guest at Obama's State of the Union Address.

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