There's Only One Political Candidate's Tweet Bigger Than Hillary Clinton's Donald Trump Burn

"Delete your account" got retweeted at least 260,000 times — that's more than Donald Trump's and Bernie Sanders' best tweets combined.

The newest greatest moment of the 2016 campaign was seared into our hearts and minds Thursday when presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fired their Twitter flamethrowers at each other.

Clinton clearly got the upper hand — her tweet was RT'd more than 240,000 times so far, her best ever, and got all kinds of attention, from cable networks to what the kids call dank memes.

BuzzFeed News asked Twitter to crunch the three most popular tweets of some recent presidential candidates to see how they stacked up to Clinton's 🔥. Here are the results from lowest to highest:

Here are the rest from @HillaryClinton:


And here's the highest, with 85,949:


And the his best, with 794,903 RTs to date:


And his best, with 43,547 RTs to date:


And his best, with 44,073 RTs:

So there you have it. Both Romney and Sanders's best tweets were related to Trump. And Clinton's viral tweet is second only to this one:

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