The Anatomy Of A Trump Administration Resignation Letter

In Washington, only a tiny fraction of bureaucrats quit their jobs in a blaze of glory. Here's how the rest do it.

On Friday, George Selim, a federal bureaucrat in charge of combating violent extremism, quit his job after a rocky tenure in the Trump administration.

When President Trump came into office, he installed political appointees who clashed with Selim and questioned the value of his work, people familiar with matter told BuzzFeed News.

So Selim decided to resign, but before he could formally announce his decision, one of his colleagues leaked the story to a conservative news outlet that called him an "Obama administration holdover known for engaging fringe Islamic radicals."

Some of Selim's colleagues expected a fiery resignation letter that would take names and settle scores.

But this is Washington, DC, and that's not how it works.

The resignation letter, obtained by BuzzFeed News, is heavy on the Washington speak and betrays very little of the tension that existed between Selim and his new colleagues over the last six months. So we decided to decode it for you.

The first thing Selim makes clear is that he quit — he wasn't fired. So point #1: "No one's forcing me to do this."

#2: "I'm not a left-wing Obama patsy. I've worked across the aisle for years."

#3: "I actually got a lot done here. Really!"

#4: "Please, don't undo everything after I leave."

#5: "I repeat, I was not fired."

#6: "I'm out, ya'll."

You can read Selim's full resignation letter here:

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