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Timex Trolls New Phone-Required Apple Watch

Just a few hours after Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, Timex took the opportunity to promote their own "phone-free" smart watch.

Posted on September 9, 2014, at 6:13 p.m. ET

Leave your phone behind.


Leave your phone behind.

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When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch at its live event earlier today, the company didn't shy away from touting the grocery list of features it expects to launch with in 2015. From workout apps and heart beat monitors to audio messaging, the Apple Watch seemed to have it all. Except, as Tim Cook slipped in, it needs to be paired up with an iPhone.

A few hours after the Apple event concluded, Timex took the opportunity to promote on Twitter its own phone-free smart watch, released just last month, emphasis on phone-free.

Called the Ironman One GPS+, the watch tracks speed and distance while allowing your friends to track your workout or location, holds 1000 songs, and has 3G messaging that doesn't require being paired with a phone.

To top it all off, the Timex smart watch is water resistant, is compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors and did Timex mention it was phone-free?

The Ironman One GPS+ starts at $399.95 and is available for preorder while the Apple Watch, which will be available early next year, starts at $349.

With the Apple Watch it's clear that Apple has its sights set on the traditional watch market. But Timex, known for its own non-smart watches, was ready to tweak the newcomer.