This Uber Investor Picked Up Lyft Passengers In His Tesla

Rakesh Agrawal, an early-stage investor in Uber, has donned the pink mustache on his Tesla to gather firsthand research on Lyft.

@sacca @mat learned a lot and there were some great stories that came out of it, like this one.

Rakesh Agrawal, founder of Snapstream and an early investor in Uber via Lowercase Capital, has done his research as far as his ride-hail investment is concerned. Agrawal said he signed up and drove for Lyft — arguably Uber's biggest competitor in the United States.

Best part? He picked up riders in his Tesla.

In response to a tweet from fellow Uber investor and Lowercase Capital proprietor Chris Sacca, Agrawal said he drove for Lyft to gather firsthand data.

@mat But seriously, this is how I research how well Twitter ads are working. Running campaigns firsthand allows me to have great data.

@sacca @mat same reason I enrolled as a driver and drove for Lyft.

@RakeshAgrawal @mat That's a strong move as an Uber investor.

Agrawal later told BuzzFeed News that he has been behind the wheel of five Lyft rides and "has the mustache to prove it."


@RakeshAgrawal Welcome aboard, Rakesh! Hope that even more great Lyft stories are just around the corner for you.

Lyft responded to Agrawal's tweet and welcomed him into the fold.

And here is Agrawal's response to Lyft.

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