Did Uber Just File A Trademark For A Mobile Game Called "UberDrive"?

According to the filing, UberDrive is a "computer game software for mobile devices..."


The trademark filing for UberDrive filed on Dec. 2.

Is Uber building some kind of mobile app or game?

According to search findings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, Uber Technologies has filed for a trademark for a mobile application called UberDrive. UberDrive, according to the filing, will be a "computer game software for mobile devices" that provides "entertainment services."

Sally M. Abel, the attorney of record for this particular filing, also filed the trademark filing for what appears to be a new logo for Uber on the same day — Dec. 2. The description for Uber is, as expected, "a mobile application software for connecting drivers and passengers" or a "mobile application software for automated scheduling and dispatch of motor vehicles."

Uber spokesperson Kristin Carvell called to say she was looking into the filing in response to BuzzFeed News' request but later emailed and said Uber had no comment on the matter.

Uber recently raised a $1.2 billion funding round valued at $41 billion. In the blog post announcing the funding, CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick makes no mention of expanding beyond the original function of Uber (connecting passengers to drivers), though he did write that the new round would help the company make more investments specifically in the Asia Pacific.

Again, here's the filing for UberDrive:

And here's the trademark filing for Uber, filed on the same day by the same attorney of record, Sally M. Abel: