Ricky Gervais Just Said Celebrities Shouldn’t Keep Naked Photos If They Don’t Want To Get Hacked

He deleted the tweet almost immediately.

After stolen nude photographs of female celebrities were put online, Ricky Gervais tweeted this:

He quickly deleted the tweet after a fierce backlash, but people had already screengrabbed it.

In case you missed his hastily deleted tweet, here is Ricky Gervais blaming the violation of a woman's body on her.

He replaced it with this attempt to be conciliatory.

Dear easily offended people, don't be. Hope that helps. Have a great day :)

But Twitter was unimpressed.

@rickygervais You could have just said "sorry for tweeting something that made me look like a condescending, victim blaming prick".

Also, re: Ricky Gervais tweet: Another "it's her own fault, she shouldn't have private pictures of her private parts on her phone" theories

Some users equated his logic with rape culture.

@rickygervais this is like telling women, make it harder for rapists to rape you by not going outside.

@rickygervais You could, you know, speak out against this violation of consent instead of adding to the voices of victim blamers.

Others reminded him of his own embarrassing public photos.

On the matter of humiliating photos being published, Ricky Gervais really should wind his barely-existent neck in...

Other Twitter users simply weren't surprised at all.

Ricky Gervais in "behaving like a dickhead" shocker

Since making the joke, he has attempted to defend his comments by saying joking about something does not condone it.

Making a joke about a thing doesn't mean you condone that thing.

But Twitter stepped up to explain where they thought he went wrong.

@rickygervais the target of your joke was the people who were hacked. You punched down, not up. That's why it was shit. Hope that helps.

Even if ultimately, he was unrepentant.

Offence is the collateral damage of free speech.

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