This New Study Shows There Are Tons Of Feminists Around The World

In 23 countries, a majority of women are claiming the often-contested label. But not everything is so rosy.

It's International Women's Day, so let's start with the good news: People really like the idea of gender equality.

1. A majority of women describe themselves as feminists — except in Germany and Russia.

2. Actually, Russia thinks its women have it pretty good.

3. Where do women feel most unequal? Spain.

4. Half of all people surveyed in India said they feel scared to speak up for women's rights.

5. In 12 of the 24 countries Ipsos surveyed, more men said they take action on women's rights than women did.

6. It's men who want women to stay home, not women themselves.

7. In India and Russia, nearly half of all respondents think women are inferior to men.

8. Surprise ending! In nearly every country, men are more likely to believe in their superior capabilities than women are.


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