21 Items Every Bernie Sanders Supporter Needs To Own

Fighting the Wall Street elites through Etsy.

1. These tasteful Bernie Sanders Valentine's Cards.

2. The Bernie Sanders underpants you've been waiting for.

3. This tasteful T-shirt of Bernie as Doc Brown.

4. These Bernie Sanders earrings.

5. A sticker pledging the support of mermaids for Bernie.

6. This highly collectible print of "Bernie Sanders Riding an Alacorn Wielding the Sword of Truth".

7. This slightly terrifying Sanders crochet doll.

8. This ... interesting make-up bag.

9. This plush Bernie penguin toy.

10. This astonishing clothing featuring a muscly Bernie.

11. A Bernie Sanders 8" prayer candle.

12. This highly accurate drawing of Bernie.

13. This highly collectible iPhone case.

14. The Bernie Sanders / Harry Potter crossover sticker you've been waiting for.

15. The "Bernie's Beans" artisan coffee you've been waiting for.

#bernie s beans: The Vermont coffee shop selling #BernieSanders in a cup #newsnight

The beans are described as "a central American arabica grown at high elevation in an environmentally sustainable manner".

16. "I think therefore I Bern" jewellery.

17. A T-shirt featuring Bernie Sanders and a cat.

18. This Bernie Sanders cutter.

19. Your "Feel the Bern" cigarette lighter.

20. These Bernie Sanders cupcake toppers.

21. This Bernie Sanders "herb" grinder.