People Around The World Are Terrified About Donald Trump Possibly Getting A Nomination

This post will be updated as people around the world realize what happened last night.

Mary Altaffer / AP

Donald Trump at a news conference Tuesday in New York.

Donald Trump won Indiana's primary Tuesday, scoring a pivotal victory that made him the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party. Across the world, however, observers were left scratching their heads and rolling their eyes.




Twitter: @hongou

"I’m really scared of Trump because he’s like those 'secretly evil but does something kind of nice and turns into a really good guy' kind characters you see a lot on [in manga comic books]."

Twitter: @aiko33151709

"Another big win in Indiana for Trump. Cruz pulls out. American media say Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. Americans support his violent, racist rhetoric. This is American insanity. I’m sure decent Americans are troubled by this. I’m sure there are people considering leaving the country if becomes president."

Twitter: @Alien_es74

"President Trump

…sounds like a joke lol"




Twitter: @tikhondzyadko

"In a single evening, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, Donald Trump became Republican presidential candidate, and Hillary Clinton became 45th president of the USA."


Twitter: @AnjinsaToranaga

"In my dream last night I saw that Donald Trump was the American president and I was thinking, 'could there be a worse nightmare than this?'"

Twitter: @ozgurcoban

"I've started to think if Trump might use the atom bomb in the Middle East."


Twitter: @thomasweibel

"Trump, Donald (2016): Answers to the biggest questions of our time. Revised edition."

Twitter: @NChiggi

"Can Hape Kerkeling, [one of Germany's most popular comedians] take off the Donald Trump mask? It stopped being funny."


Twitter: @Ganondork_

"Oh shit, Trump is the Republican candidate. Flee Democrats, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, LGBT+, etc."

Twitter: @jesuisungoth

"The moderate Republicans who say they don't want Trump! They're looking for an excuse for the fucking mess he will make."

Twitter: @Benoit_Dupont

"So Trump is the Republican candidate for the White House…"


Twitter: @IsaiasLafuente

"When a character like Trump gets the nomination for the presidency in a democratic process, the character is the symptom, not the problem."

Twitter: @darioadanti

"We were worried because Rajoy could end up as president of Spain when we are in danger of Trump becoming in charge of the planet..."


Twitter: @hollytata

"If Trump wins, then u can know that it will be black stage on the people of earth!!"

Saudi Arabia

Twitter: @_jjoj_

"Oh my god!!

Can u imagine!! Trump win."


Twitter: @momenzn3

"Announcing that Trump is the Republican party presidential candidate is an indicator of the impending collapse of the United States and disintegration."


United Kingdom

Republic of Ireland


Twitter: @SaraAlexandraT

"I don't even want to believe that Donald Trump is the GOP leader."

Twitter: @ahlleal

"If Trump wins, the world will ends."


Twitter: @lrubiof

“The Mexican government accepts to pay Trump’s wall, on the original border."

Twitter: @leilanuki

"Hahaha I can't believe that Trump is a candidate. Is this Parks and Rec when Leslie nominated herself?"

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