Videos Show Ohio Police Arresting Family After Altercation At Public Pool

Two adults and two children have been charged following a confrontation with police officers after they were asked to leave a public pool over a boy's swimming attire.

Four people were arrested last week after a family was asked to leave a public pool in Ohio, sparking an altercation between police officers, adults, and children.

The incident happened on June 9 at the Fairfield Aquatic Center, in Fairfield, Ohio, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Three videos — which were posted Tuesday on Facebook — offer glimpses into the incident as it unfolded.

The first video shows a woman arguing with pool staff and police officers after being asked to leave the premises.

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A second video, apparently recorded moments later, shows a dramatically escalated conflict, with police grabbing an adolescent girl around the neck and apparently pepper-spraying another person.

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A third and final video shows three people in handcuffs following the altercation.

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One of the women in handcuffs can be heard yelling that her eyes burn and that an officer "punched my 12-year-old daughter."

The videos were posted Tuesday by Bishop Bobby Hilton, president of the Greater Cincinnati chapter of the National Action Network, who held a news conference condemning the way police handled the incident.

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It was not immediately clear how much time had elapsed between each video, but Hilton said at the news conference that the entire incident lasted about five minutes. "I just don't know how we could get something so wrong when individuals know that things are being recorded," he said.

Hilton explained that he got involved in the case after being contacted by family members of the people who were arrested.

According to the Hamilton Journal-News, the incident began when a pool staff member told a boy he was not wearing proper swimming attire.

The boy was stopped, and at some point the group the boy arrived with was asked to leave, according to a police report obtained by the Journal-News.

After pool workers asked the group to leave, Krystal Dixon, a mother of one of the children involved, "aggressively confronted pool staff," the report said. Dixon eventually pushed an officer and called out to one of her children to grab her Taser, the report adds. Police arrested Dixon during the altercation.

Another woman, Maya Dixon, was also arrested after striking an officer, according to the the report. In a 911 call obtained by WLWT-TV, pool staff reportedly told dispatchers that a group of people were fighting with officers.

"Everything's going crazy and they're videotaping, trying to make it look like a racist thing and it's not at all. They were breaking our policy and we told them they couldn't be here anymore and it's really scary and I don't feel safe," an employee said.

Hilton said that the two women are sisters.

The fight reportedly escalated as police made arrests, and Fairfield Officer Doug Day told the Journal-News that a 12-year-old girl fought with an officer who was arresting her mother.

Police eventually arrested a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl during the altercation.

Hilton, along with police and city officials, could not immediately be reached by BuzzFeed News Tuesday evening.

Hilton posted images to Facebook showing what he said were photos of the children in a hospital after the incident.

The extent of the injuries was not clear. Hilton said a girl suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs, but the Enquirer reported that EMTs didn't make note of any injuries beyond the affects of the pepper spray. Police have also said the children were hospitalized, but for the effects of the pepper spray.

Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey said that his officers handled the situation correctly. "All they are trying to do is calm everyone down," Dickey told the Enquirer. "It's just business."

Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller called it a "tough situation" but said officers "did a good job in showing restraint." Police have also denied that race was a factor in the incident.

Hilton, however, has said that previously published news reports about the incident are "no where near reflective of the video that I was seeing."

"Can police learn to deescalate instead of escalate situations?" Hilton asked at the news conference Tuesday.

Krystal Dixon and Maya Dixon both have been charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, the Journal-News reported. A 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl were also charged with resisting arrest and assault.