13 Trump Supporters Who Didn't Think He Was Joking About The Second Amendment

Trump's campaign says his prediction that "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton's judicial appointees didn't imply shooting anyone. But some of his supporters took it that way.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ignited controversy Tuesday when he said "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton from appointing anti-gun judges to the Supreme Court. He walked it back fast, saying he was only talking about "political power." But the reaction among some of Trump's supporters was swift and supportive.

At least some people took a literal interpretation of Trump's comments, indicating that their firearms might be used to violently resist Clinton.

Stormfront members strangely not interpreting Trump's remarks as "get out and vote."

Others used Trump's comments as a prompt to suggest that attempts to impose stricter gun control specifically would be met with violence.

Yes liberals, you are talking about abolishing the 2nd amendment... And yes, we'll go to war if you try it. https://t.co/p2yjjjpi65

And of course, many others accepted Trump's explanation and blamed the media.

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