Insane Clowns Are Haunting Southern California

It's like a nightmare, but IRL.

It's a scene straight out of nightmares. Mysterious and terrifying clowns have been popping up around towns in southern California.

The epicenter of the clown hauntings is Wasco, a town about two hours north of L.A.

The clown also apparently is visiting other nearby cities as well.

The so-called "Wasco Clown" has a surreal Instagram account, with pictures going back to early October.

The clown also is on Twitter and Facebook.

The clown's identity remains unknown, but he told local media that he is dressing up as part of a year-long art project with his wife.

I am not the only clown roaming the streets in Wasco or even the state of California but I am the first #WascoClown

Wasco police are looking into the clown, but haven't taken action yet. "I am unaware of any crimes committed by clowns," an officer told Kern Golden Empire.

"We have had no reports of any assaults by a clown nor have we any arrests of any clowns at any time I have been here and I have been here two years," the officer also said.

However, an apparent copycat clown is also terrifying people in nearby Bakersfield, California.

Unlike police in Wasco, law enforcement in Bakersfield isn't putting up with scary clowns; one teen has been arrested "on suspicion of annoying a minor," the Los Angeles Times reported, and police aren't giving up there. "We will make arrests on this," an officer told the paper. "We want this to stop."

But in the meantime, here's one final picture of the Wasco Clown.

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