New Accuser Says Bill Cosby Assaulted Her In Canada, Which Has No Statute Of Limitations

Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin both came forward Thursday with new allegations. Brown said she was assaulted in 1969 while living in Canada.

Two new women stepped forward with sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby Thursday, including one who said the assault happened in Canada where there is no statute of limitations.

At a news conference in Los Angeles organized by attorney Gloria Allred, former models Lise-Lotte Lublin and Linda Brown both said Cosby drugged them while they were in their early twenties.

Brown said she met Cosby through her agent in 1969 while she was living in Canada. Cosby invited her to his show and dinner afterward. On the way home, he asked her to stop in his hotel room to give her a gift, Brown said.

"Because I trusted Mr. Cosby, and also because I knew that his two male 'bodyguards' were waiting in the car, I never suspected anything would happen to me," Brown said.

Cosby gave her a soft drink, and she said she blacked out. Brown alleged that she awoke naked in bed beside him, and that Cosby then sexually assaulted her.

Brown said she was coming forward because wanted people to know who Cosby really is.

"He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, and if you trust him, then he has fooled you as well," she said.

Lublin also met Cosby through her modeling agency, in 1989. After meeting several times, he invited her to his suite in Las Vegas to evaluate her acting skills.

He offered her two drinks, which Lublin said she at first declined, but he allegedly insisted. She said she began to feel dizzy and recalled him stroking her hair.

Lublin said she then blacked out and woke up at her home. Because she did not usually drink, she said she at first believed she had a bad reaction to the alcohol.

"Bill Cosby made me a victim," she said, "but every victim of Bill Cosby's sexual assault who has been called a whore and a liar has helped to make me a survivor."

Brown's allegation in particular may have the potential to become a game changer because it happened in Canada.

While many of the previous allegations against Cosby have tarnished his reputation, they have not led to criminal prosecution because many of them happened so long ago, after the time limit for filing charges had passed in the U.S.

Canada, however, has no time constraints on serious charges. As a result, allegations in Canada could theoretically lead to prosecution, though no charges have been filed.