#NeverTrump Trends Worldwide In Revolt Against Donald Trump

Hours after the Republican frontrunner scored a major endorsement from Chris Christie, thousands of people took to Twitter to say why they won't vote for Trump.

Donald Trump has won three straight election victories, secured a major endorsement from Chris Christie, and appears to be moving toward the Republican presidential nomination. But on Friday, thousands spoke out on Twitter, vowing to never vote for him.

Because the other presidents must be like this. #NeverTrump #p2

The #NeverTrump hashtag grew rapidly Friday evening, eliciting tweets from across the political spectrum to become the top trend on Twitter not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

#NeverTrump because I refuse to cede my principles & beliefs to a NYC liberal Democrat masquerading as GOP.

#NeverTrump because I'm not a moron who lets the mainstream media pick the weak sister to be the "Republican" candidate.

I see a lot of GOPers saying #NeverTrump. I'm a registered indie and say the same.

Criticism of Trump touched on an array of topics, including his contentious relationship with the Latino community.

Stand up for all of the children in America and pledge to not vote for Trump! #NeverTrump #racist

#NeverTrump because my family and Latino hertiage means way too much to me. And I won't let a petty, racist xenophobe represent me.

And the way he has campaigned for the GOP nomination.

Because the man thinks he can (a) bring no specifics & (b) insult everyone in the room, and then leave a negotiation having won. #NeverTrump

#NeverTrump b/c funding your own campaign leaves you beholden to no one but yourself.

#NeverTrump because he's funded every liberal politician we're fighting against

Others questioned Trump's past financial activities.

#NeverTrump until he reads and comprehends this book: #Hazlitt #EconomicsInOneLesson

Because isn't a businessman who's used his money to buy politicians influence exactly the problem with the Washington Cartel? #NeverTrump

Some echoed Marco Rubio's attacks Friday on Trump's spelling errors:

#NeverTrump because spelling is fun-damental

The hashtag included multiple references to Nazi Germany.

The hashtag rose to prominence just hours after former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Trump "reminds me of Hitler."

Because we won't make the same mistake Germany did in the 1930's. #NeverTrump

And plenty of references to Trump's famous ego.

#NeverTrump Because the Constitution is more important that Trump's ego.

#NeverTrump because I don't want to vote for a guy just to "piss off the establishment" and "burn it all down", which amounts to a tantrum.

#NeverTrump because I am not fooled by an obvious snake-oil salesman; and if you are, I hope you wake up and smell the con artist he is.

Some people used the hashtag to criticize Trump's comments about toward those with special needs.

#NeverTrump because #Trump ridicules #Americans with physical disabilities. #ConMan, not #Conservative. #WWJD #Crude

#NeverTrump because I do not want a Commander-in-chief that mocks the handicapped!

#NeverTrump because the man openly mocked a disabled reporter.

And some people just really seemed to dislike Trump.

#NeverTrump Because we need a leader with character, not one who is a character.

The time has come. The time is now. #NeverTrump

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