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Michigan's Governor Proposes $195 Million For Flint Water Crisis

Gov. Rick Snyder proposed the funds as part of his new budget to address the ongoing crisis over the city's lead-contaminated water.

Posted on February 10, 2016, at 9:36 p.m. ET

Molly Riley / AP

Michigan's governor has proposed spending nearly $200 million to address Flint's ongoing crisis over lead-contaminated water.

Gov. Rick Snyder announced the proposed funds Wednesday as part of his new budget. In a statement, he said $195 million would be spent on safe drinking water, food, and nutrition, as well as physical health for "the children and residents of Flint."

The funds for Flint also include $25 million to replace led pipes running from city lines into homes, the Associated Press reported.

Snyder's budget also included $165 million for "statewide infrastructure needs." Michigan lawmakers responded positively to Snyder's proposal, the AP reported.

Flint's crisis began in 2014, after the city switched water suppliers from Detroit to the Flint River. The new water then corroded pipes, resulting in lead leaching into the system.

The contaminated water prompted multiple emergency declarations, resignations, an apology from Snyder, and a series of lawsuits.

Michigan has already spent more than $37 million on the crisis. Wednesday, a lawmaker asked Snyder about the potential for getting more federal aid as well, the AP reported.

"We could use more help from Washington," Snyder responded.