Hundreds Protest Outside Republican Debate In Detroit

Protesters carried signs criticizing Donald Trump, calling for higher wages, and condemning officials for the water crisis in Flint.

A large group of protesters gathered outside the Fox Theater in Detroit Thursday shortly before a Republican presidential debate took place at the venue.

Protesters literally pushed up against the entrance gate at the Fox Theatre chanting "Can't Take No More"

Though protesters have gathered outside previous debates, Thursday’s demonstration was notable for its large size and the array of topics participants were calling attention to.

#Break: HUGE protest outside Fox Theater where GOP Debate is taking place...

According to the Detroit Free Press, the crowd numbered in the hundreds. Participants blocked traffic and yelled at people attending the debate.

Hundreds of protesters outside of the GOP debate in Detroit now.

Some carried signs slamming GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. One man's sign read, “Donald this is your Fu***g Wall.”

Others held “Dump Trump” signs.

Still other protesters held signs displaying “Flint Lives Matter,” a reference to the water crisis after the city’s tap water became contaminated.

I'm told way more protesters if of FoxTheatre than there have been 4 recent debates #lesson&leachcovertheGOPdebate

Protesters also called for the arrest of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who has been sharply criticized during the Flint crisis.

#shutdownmotown protesters in Detroit alternating b/n calling for gov's arrest & denouncing Trump as "racist clown"

Some people also gathered outside the debate to call for higher pay, including a $15 minimum wage.

Huge contingent of workers 4 15$ per/hr wages marching 2wards FoxTheatre chanting"U want our vote come get out vote"

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