Google Is Overwhelmingly Staffed By White Men, Report Says

"We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity," Google admits in a new report that shows its workforce is overwhelmingly white and male.

A new "diversity report" from Google shows that 70% of the company's employees are men. The company's U.S. staff is also mostly white.

Asians represent the second largest ethnicity at Google, though most other races make up a tiny fraction of the workforce.

The gender and racial gaps get even larger at the top of the company, with nearly four-fifths of the leadership positions occupied by men. The U.S. leadership is almost three-quarters white.

The tech side of the company looks similar: 83% of the overall workforce is male, and 60% of the U.S. workforce is white.

Google's non-tech divisions have the greatest gender balance, with men only slightly outnumbering women. However, non-tech employees in the U.S. still skew white.

In a blog post about the numbers, Google Senior Vice President Laszlo Bock admits the company "is miles from where we want to be." He goes on to offer several reasons Google lacks the diversity it wants, including that women and minorities earn fewer computer science degrees. The post also explains Google's efforts to create more opportunities for diversity in the field of computer science.

The report itself adds that releasing the data is supposed to start a conversation and help "recruit and develop the world's most talented and diverse people."

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