Newspaper Front Pages Around The World React To The Attack In Nice

At least 80 people were killed Thursday in Nice, France, when a man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the beachside city.

Nice-Matin (France)

Nice-Matin / Via Twitter: @Nice_Matin

Le Parisien (France)

Le Parisien / Via Twitter: @le_Parisien

Daily Mirror (U.K.)

Daily Mirror / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

Le Figaro (France)

Le Figaro / Via Twitter: @Le_Figaro

The Sun (U.K.)

The Sun / Via Twitter: @search

El Periódico (Spain)

El Periódico / Via Twitter: @elperiodico

The Daily Telegraph (U.K.)

The Daily Telegraph / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

The New York Times (U.S.)

New York Daily News (U.S.)