Ferguson Protesters Blocked A Freeway Monday

The protest lasted several minutes as a group of people moved onto Interstate 270 making the familiar "hands up, don't shoot" gesture.

People protesting the death of Michael Brown stopped traffic on Interstate 270 Monday near St. Louis.

Argus Streaming News / Via argusradio.com

The incident was broadcasted online by Argus Streaming News. According to KMOV 4, the blockage happened near West Florissant, the Ferguson street where most of the protesting has happened.

The protest happened around 4:30 p.m. CT as a group of people moved onto the freeway with their hands up.

Argus Streaming News / Via argusradio.com

The protesters were calling for prosecutor Robert McCulloch to step down from the case, among other things.

Argus Streaming News / Via new.livestream.com

McCulloch is investigating Brown's shooting by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. However, protesters and many community members generally have argued that his background makes it impossible for him to objectively run the case. Getting McCulloch to step aside has been one of the primary demands protesters have made in the weeks following Brown's death.

Monday's protest was brief; the freeway was only supposed to be shut for four and a half minutes to represent the four and a half hours Michael Brown's body reportedly lay in the street.

Argus Streaming News / Via argusradio.com

During the two weeks after Brown's death, numerous protesters also told BuzzFeed they were particularly upset that Brown's body was left in the street for hours. Many in the community felt that it was disrespectful both for Brown and passersby, and that if Brown had been white the situation would have been handled differently.

Earlier Monday afternoon, it looked as though the freeway blockade wouldn't happen.

Argus Streaming News / Via argusradio.com

Protesters had discussed shutting down Interstate 270, but told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch they ultimately opted to postpone the event. "Until our demands are met it's still on the table — some kind of highway action. When we're ready we'll tell everyone about it," organizer Zaki Baruti told the paper Monday.

The call to postpone the protest came from Michael Brown's family, the Post-Dispatch reported. The fact that some protesters opted to disregard Brown's family's request emphasizes the fact that the protests are populated by a diverse group of people who at times have differing views on what should happen.

Police were on the scene as the protesters blocked the freeway Monday, but members of Argus Streaming News said there were no conflicts and the protest remained orderly.

Argus Streaming News / Via argusradio.com