Diane Sawyer Signs Off "World News" For The Last Time

The iconic TV news anchor is stepping down as the anchor of World News. She was the only woman anchoring a national nightly newscast.

Diane Sawyer ended her five-year run as the anchor of ABC's World News Wednesday.

The newscast isn't on Netflix, but it is on Hulu.


Sawyer isn't retiring, however. Instead, she's "moving upstairs" and will continue working on ABC's news team.

The Huffington Post described Sawyer's next gig as "a roving scoop-getter, essentially filling the slot left by Barbara Walters after her retirement." Sawyer's last days at World News were marked by a ratings victory over rival NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


David Muir is taking Sawyer's place on World News. Muir is a 40-year-old TV news anchor The New York Times described as "a rising star anchor at the network."

Watch Sawyer's final moments on the show here:

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