Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Realllllllyyyyy Angry With Hillary Clinton And The DNC

"We won't vote for Hillary, hell no, DNC!"

Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters are protesting against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee on Philadelphia's streets and inside the convention hall.

The first Sanders rally kicked off Sunday with more than 1,000 protesters from all over the country chanting anti-Hillary slogans.

Sanders supporters continued to march in large numbers Monday, demonstrating the lingering divide between Democratic party voters just hours before the convention kicked off.

This should give some sense of how large this Bernie protest at the #DNCinPHL is (sped up 10x):

The rallies are larger than any of the protests seen at last week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The crowd at this pro Bernie protest is larger than any demonstration for a specific issue at the RNC. #DNCinPHL

Sanders' supporters chanted "Lock Her Up" — which was stunning because it was frequently, and loudly, heard during the Republican National Convention.

People chanting "Dem exit now." I've talked to a number of Bernie supporters today who say theyre leaving the party

Clinton’s campaign dismissed the "Lock Her Up" chants, saying it wasn't a "consensus sentiment at all."

#lockherup chants at Philly City Hall for Bernie Sanders Rally and march against DNC.

Then, at a rally for his supporters, Sanders called for people to elect Clinton and her pick for vice president, Tim Kaine. That triggered resounding boos and thumbs-down by his supporters on Monday.

BERNIE: "We have got to defeat Donald Trump, & we have to got to elect Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine." CROWD: 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Even as the Clinton campaign sought to compare the "optimistic and hopeful" message of the DNC to the "dark and divisive" message at the GOP's convention, there was strong anti-Clinton rhetoric at the pro-Sanders rallies.

Current chant: "we won't vote for Hillary, hell no DNC." #DNCinPHL

"I hate Hillary. She's a manipulative, corrupt politician," a Sanders supporter told BuzzFeed News.

Lindsay Bianca: "I hate Hillary. She's a manipulative, corrupt politician." #DNCinPHL

Some protesters likened Clinton to Trump: "Everything we're afraid of with Trump, Hillary is already doing."

Shelby Oliphant: "Everything we're afraid of with Trump, Hillary is already doing."

A "Hillary for Prison" truck sponsored by right-wing conspiracy theory website was cheered by Sanders supporters when it appeared at Monday's demonstration.

Hillary for Prison truck shows up at Bernie rally in Philly and is cheered

Sanders supporters at Philly protest run over and cheer a "Hillary for prison" van sponsored by InfoWars.

Among the dozens of pro-Sanders supporters who spoke with BuzzFeed News, not a single one expressed a willingness to vote for Clinton.

"I won't vote for Hillary to prevent a Trump presidency."

"We're considering voting for Jill Stein if she makes the ballot," Shelby Oliphant told BuzzFeed News. "I think that Hillary is almost more dangerous than Trump."

"I would take a sharp stick to my eye before I vote for Clinton."

Helen Day, left: "I would take a sharp stick to my eye before I vote for Clinton." #DNCinPHL

Many said they would leave the party.

People chanting "Dem exit now." I've talked to a number of Bernie supporters today who say theyre leaving the party

Like many people at the protest, Gordon DiQuattro of Oregon held out hope that Sanders supporters could swing super delegates and hand the nomination to the Vermont senator. There is little to no chance of this happening.

Gordon DiQuattro: "Johnson and Stein are both taking votes from Hillary. It doesn't look good for her."

"Every time I consider swinging over to Clinton there's some travesty and I have to reconsider," DiQuattro told BuzzFeed News. "I believe in miracles," he said.

"I might have been able to hold my nose and vote for Hillary if she was honestly elected," Helen Day told BuzzFeed News. "But WikiLeaks showed this week that she wasn't honestly elected."

Your officially unapproved advertising for this Democratic National Convention.

"Wake up DNC. Bernie can win. Hillary will lose."

The huge crowd of Bernie supporters is now at the #DNCinPHL entrance, chanting as people arrive.

They yelled "election fraud!"

There's a chants of "ELECTION FRAUD!" #DemsInPhilly

There were police on hand, but they left a small footprint when compared to Cleveland.

Some police here, but the visible presence is far smaller than in Cleveland during the RNC.

Sanders supporters even drowned out the prayer with chants of "Bernie! Bernie!"

Incredible: Sanders supporters drown out opening prayer at #DNCinPHL with chants of "Bernie! Bernie!"

Then there were boos drowning out the business of the DNC, at one point led by Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge.

Marcia Fudge, visibly frustrated, says she'll respect all part of party, but asks that they respect her. #DNCinPHL

They also booed Rep. Elijah Cummings when he mentioned Clinton.

Bernie supporters from Michigan boo Hillary as Cummings speak. #DemsInPhilly

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