Police Shoot Man In Front Of Tourists On Busy Hollywood Street Corner

Police shot the man at the busy intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Updated: Dec. 5, 1 a.m. ET.

LOS ANGELES — Police in Hollywood shot a man Friday night.

The shooting occurred about 7 p.m. at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in the heart of Hollywood's entertainment and tourism district, Los Angeles Police Officer Jane Kim told BuzzFeed News.

Police were responding to a call for an assault with a deadly weapon when they arrived and found a suspect armed with a knife, Kim said. The man survived the shooting and was take to a hospital, but later died.

Police did not provide information about the suspect's name, age, or ethnicity.

Lisa Bregman happened to be driving through the intersection at the moment the shooting occurred. Bregman said she heard a series of gunshots, then looked up and saw a man lying on the ground.

"It was more than one or two," Bergman said of the number of gunshots. "Like maybe three or four."

Bregman took a photo of the scene while police still had their guns drawn.

According to Bregman, the man appeared to be breathing after the shooting. Bregman did not see what led up to the shooting, but said she heard people at the scene shouting afterward about a knife.

Other witnesses uploaded pictures and video of the immediate aftermath to their social media accounts.

LAPD just murdered an unarmed man right in front of me. #LAPD

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