23 Signs You're Addicted To Your Smartphone

"Uh oh." - Everyone

1. You get slightly panicky when your phone is out of your line of sight.

2. ...And ridiculously panicked when you accidentally leave it AT HOME.

3. You sleep with your phone on your nightstand, or worse, IN your bed next to you.

4. Your friends tried to make you do this game, but you freaked out and grabbed your phone even though you had to buy a round of drinks.

5. You justify being on your phone all the time because you "might miss a work email."

6. A cracked screen would never stand in YOUR way.

7. You prune and manage your apps like it's the White House lawn.

8. You maintain three to five text threads/Snapchat chains going throughout most days.

9. At least once a week you freak out that you can't find your phone, and then realize it's in your hand.

10. Turning your phone off during a flight gives you horrendous FOMO.

11. ...but also makes you excited, because you know when you turn it on, you'll have tons of notifications to go through.

12. You insist that you can do two things at once — text AND walk, text AND listen! — but we all know that you cannot.

13. Seriously! Everyone can see you failing at this.

14. Sometimes you see an Instagram go up right away, but you wait 30 minutes to like it because you don't want to seem lame.

15. You talk to it even when you know it would be easier to type your question into Google.

16. The only time you turn your phone off is on an airplane.

17. You try not to do this at concerts, but you do it anyway.

18. You relate deeply to the pain in this image.

19. You feel kind of dejected when you sneak a peek at your phone after a long dinner or meeting and you have no new notifications.

20. The idea of having to leave your phone in the store for repairs makes you ill.

21. You don't mind getting to the bar before the friend you're meeting, because you're justified in losing yourself in your phone until they get there.

22. You constantly catch yourself trying to open apps you're already in.

23. You find something weirdly comforting in that familiar motion of sliding your finger across the glass.

If you identify with any of this, welcome to the Smartphone Addiction Club!

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