People Keep Sharing This Incredibly Unsatisfying Video

I hate it, but I love it, but it's the worst.

Parallel Studio, a motion design studio based in Paris, recently posted a video on its Vimeo account entitled Unsatisfying.

The short video features a range of everyday situations that are painfully unsatisfying, such a a drink getting caught in a vending machine, or a piece of toast falling the wrong way down.

So frustrating to see this animation everywhere and with no credit. It's by Parallel Studio:

The original source of that "unsatisfying" animation that is going around

Speaking to BuzzFeed, a representative for the company said they did not expect the kind of reaction the video has received.

this is great and you should watch it riiiiiight now.

"The number of views is impressive," they said. The idea for the video began with thinking about someone missing a hole on a golf course, they said, then they experimented from there.

Because of the video's success, the agency has decided to start a challenge and invite people to create their own version of the video.