These Mariachis Are Playing Outside The Trump Tower In New York As Results Roll In

Just to add a little more surrealism to the end of the election.

It's not a secret: The 2016 US election has been...surreal.

To close up the day, a group of mariachis placed themselves outside the Trump Tower in New York to remind Trump that Mexico is present in the US.

According to reports, they were there to "serenade" the candidate.

Full mariachi belting out tunes blocks from Trump Tower #ElectionNight

🎤 Canta y no llores. 🎤

Mariachi band strolling outside #Trump Tower to "serenade" the candidate. "Canta y no llores." Sing, don't cry.…

People have identified this group as Mariachi Sol Mixteco.

This is not the only initiative that the Mexican community called for in the city. A Mexican immigrant started a movement to sing goodbye to these elections. His proposal includes a mariachi group of women.


And some even smashed a piñata shaped as Trump outside his building on Wall Street.

As the first exit polls close, people smash a Trump piñata in front of the Trump Building near the @Newsweek office…