We Didn't Deserve The Wights In "Game Of Thrones"

Forever in our undead hearts.

While Game of Thrones has been about many things, the themes of death and winter have always loomed large. But that changed dramatically when Arya Stark knifed the Night King, taking out the White Walkers and the thousands of wights they created in one badass ninja move.

The total destruction of what had been a massive and growing army of the undead was certainly jarring, but also sort of sad? We never got to say goodbye! All those wights, back from the dead, so pure, only to be snuffed out in an instant!

Forever in our hearts, decrepit wights.

Here's a (fairly) chronological look back at some our fondest memories:

Creepy wildling girl wight

The wildling girl who appeared to be the only one of her clan not dismembered and rearranged into some weird White Walker symbol! She introduced us in the very first episode to the wight kind, and had everyone like, WTF??

Othor Flowers wight

As a member of Benjen Stark's scouting party, literally no one cared about him. But as a reanimated wight, Othor played a big role in alerting the Night's Watch to a new threat beyond the Wall.

Determined wight

In Season 3, this wight showed us how stubborn they can be, almost getting to Sam despite the heroic efforts of Ghost!

The ice lake wights, everyone gets one!

And remember when Bran Stark and his cronies made it to the Three-Eyed Raven in Season 4? These wights gave us some real Night of the Living Dead vibes and I was here for it.

Meera's wight

Yaasssss, ice lake wight, come for them!

Bran's wight

To the wight who just happened to pop out of the ice at the exact location and moment Bran was left alone, I salute you.

Jojen's wight

And to the stabby skeleton arm that killed Jojen Reed, bravo.

Headless wight

But as we know, Valyrian steel trumps White Walker undead magic. As do exploding balls thrown by totally normal-looking Children of the Forest.

Vaporized wight

And magic force fields that protect the Three-Eyed Raven's man cave.

Force field wights

RIP ice wights!

On to Season 5, where we see Jon Snow, Tormund, and others trying to evacuate the wildling settlement of Hardhome ahead of the advancing White Walkers, except, too late!

Intrusive wight

We all know how this battle goes down, but in the process of overwhelming the gates, a lot of wights meet their violent demise by getting...smashed.

Smashed wight No. 1

Smashed wight No. 2

Smashed wight No. 3

Wrecked wight

But it wasn't all bad for the wights. Remember the undead children that this wildling warrior just couldn't bear to fight?

Wight children

There were also the overwhelming hordes.

DGAF wights

And the Night King reanimating hundreds more from the battlefield.

Fresh wight

And that brings us to Season 6 as the Night King, having "branded" Bran in a vision, attacks the Three-Eyed Raven's man cave with his army of very good and obedient wights.

Standing wights

They're also very effective. As wights swarm the cave, Bran and Meera barely make it out alive after Summer sacrifices himself.

Bad direwolf-killing wights

Pour one out for Summer. As well as the fire-bombing forest nymph.

Nymph-killing wights

And of course, Hodor, who...holds the door.

Hodor Death Posse wights

But it was in Season 7 that wight badassery went to a cross-species level.

Wight giants!

Wight bear!!

Wight DRAGON!!! (RIP Viserion)


Still, Season 7 wights didn't have it easy, thanks in no small part to Daenerys and her two surviving dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal.

Fried wights

Drowning wights

Pelted wight

Show-and-tell wight

But finally, in Season 8, our wights arrived at Winterfell to bring winter to all of Westeros. Their destiny!

True to form, the wights go about overrunning the outpost and overwhelming the defenses.

Dragon-riding wights

And as the night wears on, many Winterfell defenders join their ranks (RIP Lady Mormont, aka Slayer of Wight Giants).

Lady Mormont wight

They even — gasp — come for Arya because they obviously don't know.

Hide-and-seek wight

RIP wight who stumbled into Assassin Arya.

Library wight

But this is where the wights got the shaft.

Messy bitches who like drama

Being tethered to the magic of the White Walkers meant that when Assassin Arya knifed the Night King, they too ceased to exist.

Exploding White Walkers

So long, epic wight dragon

And RIP wights. What is dead may never die. Your contribution to this show over the years won't be forgotten!

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