USA Swimming Bans Stanford Sexual Assailant For Life

Brock Turner, a rising collegiate swimming star, was not a current member of USA Swimming, but now, the option to rejoin is off the table for good.

Former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus last year after a fraternity party, has been banned from USA Swimming for life.

“USA Swimming condemns the crime and actions committed by Brock Turner, and all acts of sexual misconduct,” USA Swimming spokesman Scott Leightman said in a statement.

Turner had been widely expected to pursue a run at the Olympics, although he had yet to make the leap. The collegiate swimming star had previously been a member of USA Swimming but that membership expired at the end of 2014. He was not a member at the time of the crime.

"Had he been a member, he would have been subject to the USA Swimming Code of Conduct," swimming's national governing body said in a statement. "USA Swimming strictly prohibits and has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, with firm Code of Conduct policies in place, and severe penalties, including a permanent ban of membership, for those who violate the Code of Conduct."

The lifetime ban was just the latest fallout for the 20-year-old amid continued outrage over the lenient sentence he received for three counts of sexual assault.

Turner had been facing up to 14 years in prison, but Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky handed him a six-month sentence instead, stating that anything longer could “severely impact” the swimmer’s life.

But Turner is only expected to spend up to about three months behind bars with good behavior.

The case gained widespread attention after the victim in the case addressed Turner in court, reading a letter aloud that was published in its entirety by BuzzFeed News on June 3, prompting angry reactions from millions of people online.

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