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Politics Got Dragged Onto America's Thanksgiving Table And People Lost It On Twitter

*Sips wine*

Posted on November 26, 2015, at 11:42 p.m. ET

Across America on Thursday, families gathered around tables to celebrate family and togetherness.

It was, after all, Thanksgiving, a time to reconnect with loved ones, breakout time-honored traditions, and partake in all that home cooking.

But the nation is also knee deep into a presidential race, which means for many, all that love and warmth turned into ALL. OUT. MISERY.

When some of your family says they're voting for Trump and you're just sitting there like...

Most of the forced smiles and second sips from the wine glass centered on, surprise, the more contentious points of the presidential primary at the moment: GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and the divide between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Trump appeared to be the topic sending the most Twitter users into a frenzy.

Extended family is voting Trump. Can I place myself up for adoption?

My whole family is talking about how great trump is and how they're voting for him and I'm sittin there like

My whole family said they're all voting for Trump brb while I go kill myself

My family is saying how they're going to be voting for Trump...🆘

But there was also the Hillary v. Bernie divide among Democrats.

When your family isn't woke and u hear them saying they're voting for Hillary instead of Bernie

Ugh. Thanksgiving dinner with my liberal family is always the worst. If my crazy uncle starts talking about Hillary I'm going to LOSE IT!

When your conservative family is talking politics but they don't know you're voting Bernie in the next election

My family talking about voting for Hilary...and I'm like oops Bernie Sanders lmao

Even Kanye West caused consternation.

Spice up your Thanksgiving by telling your family you're voting for Kanye in 2016. My grandpa is cutting me out of his will as I type this.

However, as some cringed in pain, others confessed to missing out on the jousting. So who knows?

My family didn't fight about politics—which we do every year without fail—so I'm not totally convinced that today counts as Thanksgiving.

Maybe it's all just America's excuse to drink more wine.


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