These Recently Discovered Mountain Lion Kittens Are All Of Us

It's been a year so far.

Two sets of mountain lion kittens recently discovered in open space north of Los Angeles know exactly how you feel about the insane news cycle.

You're just going about your day, hoping for a better week, when ANOTHER REALLY BAD THING HAPPENS SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Then, like these two mountain lion kittens, you stare at the screen to see just how horrible Latest Bad Thing is this time.

And when Latest Bad Thing turns out to be worse than you thought, you're like...

Then Latest Bad Thing is followed by the U.K. voting to leave the European Union and you're like...

Or Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein as being "so good" at killing "terrorists"....

And at a certain point, you realize just how fucked up everything is and how much you need a glass.

These five kittens who get us so well were ear-tagged and returned to their respective dens earlier this month in the eastern Santa Susana Mountains, just north of Los Angeles, National Park Service officials said Wednesday.

The mountain lions are tracked and studied as they navigate forest lands that are crisscrossed with busy freeways and urban communities.

"Despite the challenges mountain lions in this area face, the animals we’ve studied appear to be reproducing successfully," wildlife biologist Jeff Sikich said in a statement.

The three females and two males will now have to grow up with the challenges facing urban mountain lions: Traffic, poison-tainted prey, and other adults competing for resources and limited territory.

Watch video of biologists encountering the kittens here:

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