A Louisville Police Detective Has Been Fired For His Role In The Shooting Death Of Breonna Taylor

In a letter, the police chief said he was "alarmed and stunned" by the use of deadly force.

One of the three police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her Louisville, Kentucky, apartment during a surprise raid has officially been fired, authorities announced Tuesday.

Police Chief Robert J. Schroeder had already made his decision to fire Detective Brett Hankison clear on June 19, saying he had violated the department's regulations and deadly force standards in ways that were a "shock to the conscience."

In a similar letter posted on Tuesday, Schroeder said he was "alarmed and stunned" by the use of deadly force and that he had the "utmost confidence" in his decision to officially end Hankison's employment.

Taylor, a 26-year-old Black EMT, was killed on March 16 when police officers executed a "no-knock" surprise raid at her home for a drug investigation. Believing it was a break-in, her boyfriend shot a police sergeant in the leg, and Taylor, who was unarmed, was shot at least eight times.

Taylor's death sparked huge protests in Louisville and helped fuel the worldwide demonstrations against police brutality and anti-Black racism.

City authorities have since banned no-knock warrants under what they called "Breonna's Law."

Meanwhile, the other two officers involved in the shooting remain on administrative reassignment during the ongoing investigation.

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