The Starving Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In A Restaurant Was Just Returned To The Wild

Go forth, tiny pup.

Earlier this year, a starving sea lion pup found sleeping in an upscale restaurant near San Diego, California, made us weep.

The 8-month-old malnourished pup was found in February severely underweight and with an eye infection. It was pretty much the saddest thing that's ever happened.

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The pup, nicknamed "Marina," was taken to SeaWorld's Animal Rescue Center in San Diego, where experts started her on fluids and began dressing her left eye.

Marina — so named for the well-known waterside Marine Room restaurant she was found in — was considered a "micro pup" when she was rescued, meaning she weighed half of what she should for her age.

But Marina bounced back and after eight weeks, was returned to the ocean on Tuesday, 25 pounds heavier and with a fellow rehabilitated friend!

Godspeed, Marina!

Watch Marina's full story here:

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