Here Is An Officer Pulling A Baby Deer Out Of A Storm Drain


Here's a photo of an officer in Ohio pulling a baby deer out of a storm drain on Wednesday.

Sylvania Township Officer Dave Shinaver became a deer hero after resident Jaden Bashaw happened across the trapped fawn.

And Bashaw was there to snap photos of the rescue.

"Today I was walking home I I found a baby deer in a sewer drain and saved his life, what a day💁" he wrote on Facebook.

Here are highlights of the very important rescue operation:

Shaniver first removed the grates.

The little fawn was then pulled to safety.

The fawn was then like, "WTF put me down."

And finally, the fawn was set free to reunite with its mother, which was standing off to the side watching the whole thing unfold.

The police department also posted video of the rescue:

Jaden Bashaw & Officer Dave Shinaver helped rescue a baby deer from the storm drain on Sylvania Ave #sylvaniatweets

The end.

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