Giant Panda Cub Bao Bao Experienced Her First Snow And It Was Caught On Video

Be prepared for a spiritual experience.

Bao Bao, the giant panda cub at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., experienced her first snowfall on Tuesday.

Already a year and a half old, the cub has become more adventurous and has had her share of tumbles. So she took the sliding tumble down a gentle slope on Tuesday all in stride — all while clutching her favorite wooden branch.

There Bao Bao goes.

Eventually coming to rest at the bottom of the slope.

Bao Bao has had her share of adventure inside her enclosure.

Last month, Bao Bao retreated up a tree, where she stayed for hours after coming into contact with an electrified "hot wire."

The zoo's livecam has also captured Bao Bao's many adventures in climbing inside her pen — sometimes under mother's watchful eye, other times totally on her own.

After her tumble on Tuesday, Bao Bao rejoined her mother, Mei Xiang, for a romp in the snow.

But it was a scene that will become more rare. That's because soon, Bao Bao will be striking out on her own.

Zookeepers say the cub has an independent streak that should serve her well as she approaches the time when she and her mother grow apart and naturally separate.

In November, the zoo reported that Bao Bao was nursing less and adjusting to a diet of solid food — the telltale sign that she is weaning off her mother. And late last year, the pair had started spending less time together and sleeping in separate enclosures.

But on Tuesday, there was still a little more time to play.

Watch the whole adventure here:

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