Chelsea Clinton "Absolutely" Open To Running For Office

The former first daughter also said she doesn't always take her mother's baby advice.

Chelsea Clinton said in an interview Monday that she would "absolutely" be open to running for office in the future.

Attending the unveiling of her mother's long awaited "No Ceilings" report measuring the progress of women's rights over the last 20 years, Clinton told Sky News that while she had no immediate political ambitions, that could change.

"Absolutely, I'd consider it one day," she said of running for public office.

For the time being, though, Chelsea said she supported her local, state, and national representatives.

"But if that were to change, and if at the same time I were to think that other people could be better advocates...then I'd have to ask and answer that question," she added.

Pressed on whether her mother would run for president — a decision that is all but a given — Chelsea claimed she didn't know.

"I don't know, I really don't, she's making up her mind right now, and I know that she's going to make the right decision for herself and our family," she said.

But since having her own daughter, Charlotte, last year, Chelsea has apparently had to make her own decisions when it comes to Hillary, The Advice-Giving Grandmother.

"She definitely gives me advice, some of it I take, and some of it I sort of smile and say, 'Thank you' for," Chelsea said.