A Remote Camera Captured Some Dinner Drama Between A Mountain Lion And Two Bears

Don't let the leftovers go to waste, right?

Over the past several years, mountain lions have achieved their own celebrity in the greater Los Angeles area due to a series of remote cams set up in the surrounding mountains.

Among the shots the National Park Service cameras have captured of the mountain lions many are at the dinner table, or near their dens.

But on Tuesday, wildlife officials posted images on Facebook of a rarely seen shared meal between two competing predators.

And the photos look like something out of an illustrated novel.

In the words of the park service: "You never know what our camera traps are going to capture."

First, cameras caught this mountain lion, dubbed P-35, at one of her deer kill cache sites in the Santa Susana Mountains.

As you can see, P-35 does not look like sharing her meal with anyone or anything.

But after storing her prized dinner away, P-35 left the area, and that's when the deer carcass became leftovers for a pair of black bears.

Indeed, you never know what kind of dinner drama remote cameras will capture at night.

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